- About EX design & location branding in Europe -

Judith Radnai-Toth is a Hungarian Employer Branding and Talent Strategist, and Founder of Talentbrand.io, who has already managed several employer branding and talent acquisition projects at a couple of European companies. Over the past few years, she has worked with many kinds of organizations, big and small: startups, multinational organizations and even fast-food chains.


Talentbrand.io is an employer branding consultancy that helps its clients develop their employer brand, design meaningful employee experience and build a diverse and inclusive culture. Talentbrand offers strategic consulting as well as training for leaders and teams.

Judit Radnai-Toth is an Employer Branding strategist with a deep understanding of corporate and startup environments. As a consultant with experience on both company and agency sides, she helps growth organizations build their employer brand, attract high-quality talent, lower recruiting efforts and get ahead of the competition.

- About the importance of SEO and SEA in Employer Branding -

There is a crucial rule in Employer Branding: make sure candidates can find you. Like consumers, today's candidates do their research to make sure a company is a right fit before applying for or accepting a job. But since job seekers have more to lose, when considering whether to get involved with your business, they have no problem moving on if your employer brand doesn't attract them.


digitalbuero is a digital marketing consultancy from Salzburg. Its approach is to educate and train, to coach and consult as well as to handle day-to-day campaign operations and optimization tasks. The main areas in its portfolio are Online Marketing & Google Ads, Web Analytics & Digital KPIs, lectures and workshops, individual training, high-performance websites as well as SEO/SEA tools and processes.

Thomas Sommeregger is the Founder of digitalbuero and a consultant in the field of Digital Marketing. He is a Google Certified Trainer and Google Partner, Speaker and Lecturer who has more than 20 years of experience as a Digital Marketer. His clients benefit from his many years of expertise in the areas of search engine marketing (especially Google Ads), search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics (especially Google Analytics) and conversion optimization (CRO). His certifications as a Google Certified Trainer and Google Partner underline the latest know-how in dealing with the online and performance marketing tools of the international market leader.

- About ReloPilot: a solution for moving to another country -

More and more companies struggle to find talent locally which forces them to look across borders. For IT experts there might be plenty of companies to choose from. Other professionals might look into international organizations or startups that won’t require candidates to speak the local language.


ReloPilot is a mobile relocation assistant: a complete solution for guiding professionals relocating to a new country. Their aim is to put humans in the middle, through an intuitive relocation experience while helping organizations to manage risk and cost reduction results.

Petra Boteková has been working in the global mobility industry for 7 years now, having prepared thousands of professionals for their international endeavors. She has been supporting expats in their needs when they move abroad and look for a job in a foreign country and she is dedicated to helping ambitious Millennials, visionaries and (future) leaders develop the most important skills in their life.

- About company culture and digital future -

Workplace culture is instrumental in driving behaviors that make the workforce effective; a company’s culture is determined by its leadership. Catalysts, a large individual software supplier in Austria, believes that innovative solutions require high flexibility, a flat hierarchy and innovative working methods.

Catalysts - 
Behind the company name is a multi-functional team that has been taking over the entire process of individual software development since 2005: Software Developers, Testers, Scrum Master, UX Experts, Business Analysts, Requirements Engineers. Catalysts has offices in Austria, Germany, Romania, Uganda, the Netherlands.

Patrick Haebig comes from the event/marketing sector and has previously worked in multiple companies and industries. When he joined Catalysts, the company was looking for a growth hacker and event organizer that had some brand experience. Since 2017, he has been the Branch Manager at the Linz Office.

- About creativity and challenges in EB -

Jethro DiMeo has international experience with HR & talent acquisition in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas, and he is currently the Head of Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand at Gebauer & Griller in Austria. When he was asked why Employer Branding is important to him personally, he said, compared to Talent Acquisition - which is according to him a very business-centric functional area - Employer Branding is the creative part of his job, and that’s why it is also really close to his heart.


Gebauer & Griller is a lead­ing man­u­fac­turer of ca­bles, wires and ca­ble har­nesses for the au­to­mo­tive, el­e­va­tor and es­ca­la­tor in­dus­try as well as for spe­cial in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions. Fur­ther­more we pro­duce wind­ing wires for trans­form­ers and the mo­tor in­dus­try as well as nickel-based al­loys for var­i­ous in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions. Tinned flat wires for the pho­to­voltaic sec­tor com­plete our prod­uct range.

Jethro Dimeo is currently leading the global Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand Center of Excellence at Gebauer & Griller (GG). Throughout his career he has held various international HR roles and obtained multi-industry experience by holding diverse roles in SMB, Mid-market and international Fortune 500 companies. Originally born in New York City, USA with a mother from Slovakia and a father who’s half Italian and half Irish, Jethro possesses a natural inclination towards Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, which he is pioneering within GG.

- About EVP and Employee Experience -

I met Monika Dauterive for the first time after she had given a presentation about life at the company where she was working: she laughed a lot and spoke very amicably about everything in terms of colleagues and employees. According to the headline on her Linkedin profile, she is a people person; she is only happy if she is surrounded by inspiring and motivated people, whom she can share her knowledge with. Her professional successes, as well as setbacks, have always been influenced by the people she was collaborating with.


Runtastic was founded in 2009; the company has rapidly grown into an innovative suite of apps, products and services that track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape, stay healthy and improve overall fitness. In August 2015, the company was acquired by Adidas.

Ulbrichts is located in Upper Austria, leading innovation in its core sectors protection and automotive. It produces both protection helmets out of titanium as well as emblems and logos for all major German OEMs.

Monika Dauterive takes care of strategic and operational people related topics and manages the companies’ employer brand where she is working. She loves people, laughs a lot and is open to speaking & writing gigs.

- About sustainability and tools in EB -

Gerd Liegerer has set - with his company Bud & Terence - himself the task of Employer Branding. According to him, Employer Branding is not a single action, but the famous roter Faden, which builds up the employer's pledge internally and externally, optimizes it, communicates it and anchors it in the long term.

Bud & Terence has launched the Employer Branding Days and successfully organized events in Linz, Vienna and Salzburg in 2018. With this symposium the founders want to bring the topic closer to the companies through practical lectures and the exchange among like-minded people and build up a holistic understanding of it.

Gerd Liegerer spent years in marketing and sales before traveling to HR. Over 15 years of experience in HR development and recruiting led to the founding of Bud & Terence to help companies fight staff turnover and skills shortages.

- Podcasts in Employer Branding -

Podcasting is the new blogging. It is a popular way to increase marketing effectiveness because you can stand out and be heard amongst the noise, share your ideas, lead your community, and earn trust. 


Sinn.fm is a podcast on the trail of professional life stories. The team is interested in mosaic careers, career breaks, and turning points in careers.

Gregor Schneider is a coach, consultant & trainer who prefers to work with his voice. Gregor is fascinated by career development and interested in questions about work and learns best by listening.